The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


A Close-Knit Community

Our middle school boarding community is a close-knit, caring group of students, 教师, 和住在这里的员工, 工作, and play together on our beautiful 66-acre campus.
Our students live in homelike dorms that are just a short walk from the Dining Room, 教室, 还有运动场. Our dorms are separated by gender, and each dorm includes 教师 ap艺术ments, so our dorm parents (who are middle school boarding experts!) are always on hand to provide supervision and care. 
“One of the best things about my experience at Fay was the relationship I developed with my dorm parents. 九年级的时候, my dorm parent was also my history teacher—I loved getting to know her outside the classroom, and she was always so kind and supportive.——菲校友 


6:45  上升 & 发光
7:15  Breakfast in dining room
7:50  咨询/Morning Meeting
8:05  类开始
9:35  Morning break (20 minutes)
12:50 Lunch in dining room
1:35   类的简历
2:20   额外的帮助/咨询
2:50   体育
4:30   淋浴 & supervised downtime in dorms
6:00   Family-style dinner in dining room
6:45   晚自习室
8:30   选择时间
9:30   准备睡觉
9:45   熄灯

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main number 508-490-8250
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